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Egg Crate Vents


  • Model A- Frameless Flush
  • Model B- Framed Flush
  • Model C- Drop-in
  • Mini 1- Drop-in(up to 6" wide)
  • Mini 2- Framed Flush



Model A - Frameless Flush Mount:   This cold air return was used extensively in homes through the 1940’s. This grate, when installed, will set level with existing wood flooring. GRATE VENTS has closely reproduced this return using 3/8" stock. All joints are double glued. Web members are joined approx. 1" on center at width, and 2" on center at length. This grate is simply inserted into the existing opening and is supported by firring strips attached to the joists. Available in 1.25" thickness.
  This return will be manufactured approx. 1/8" less in both dimensions than opening size.  We can make in virtually any combination of  length and width.



Widths: From 7" wide, in increments of 1/16th of an inch(example: 11-9/16").

Lengths: From 8" long, in increments of 1/16th of an inch(example: 28-13/16").


Remember, this grate is sized by the width and length of the opening in the floor.


Available wood species: red oak, white oak, maple, hickory, and ash.  Other wood species may be available on request.







Model B  - Framed Flush Mount:  This grate is similar to Model A, but is primarily designed for use with new hard flooring or carpeting. A frame is included which serves to support the grate. This frame is installed on the subfloor, surrounding the opening.  The flooring is then installed up to the frame, and the grate is set in the opening. The grate will then be level with 3/4" hard flooring or carpet with pad. The frame is 3/4" thick, and extends approximately 1-1/8" onto the subfloor around the perimeter of the opening.

The webbing members are constructed of 3/8" stock. The interior portion of the grate may be thicker than 3/4", and therefore descend into the opening 1/4 - 1/2".


Standard Widths: 7" to 20", in increments of 1".

Standard Lengths: 8" to 32", in increments of 1".


  Remember - this grate is sized by the opening in the Sub-floor. When installed with frame, overall dimensions increase approximately 2-1/4"  in both length and width


Available Wood Species:  Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Ash, and  Hickory- Other Wood Species may be Available. Note: This grate can also be manufactured in two wood species. Example: Red Oak Frame with Walnut Interior.  Call For Pricing.


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