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Egg Crate Vents


  • Model A- Frameless Flush
  • Model B- Framed Flush
  • Model C- Drop-in
  • Mini 1- Drop-in(up to 6" wide)
  • Mini 2- Framed flush

Model C - Drop-In

14" x 18"

Walnut and Red Oak




Model C - Drop-In:   This model is also referred to as self-rimming. This one piece grate is designed to cover the edges of the opening. It sets 3/8" - 1/2" above the floor. This is the model of choice when hiding a slightly irregular opening in the floor. The installed grate will be approximately 2" wider and longer than the opening, and is entirely supported by the floor. This grate easily lifts out of the floor for cleaning of the ductwork. The solid, self-rimming frame is permanently attached to 3/8" webbing members. Overall thickness is 1" - 1.25".


Standard Widths and Lengths: 7" to 20" wide, in increments of 1".

                                                                         8" to 32" long, in increments of 1".


 Remember - this grate is sized by the dimensions of the opening in the floor.


Available Wood Species: Red Oak, White Oak, Maple, Ash, and Hickory.  This grate can also be manufactured in two wood species. Example: Walnut attached with Red Oak webbing members. Other Wood Species may be Available.  Call for Pricing.


Mini 1 - Drop-In
4" x 10" Red Oak
Stain Color - Fruitwood




Mini Grates: " Mini’s” are designed for narrower openings (up to 6" wide). The frame is narrower than models B or C, and the webbing members are made of 1/4" wide stock, joined 1" on center.The overall thickness is 3/4". Drop in models set  3/8" above the floor. No damper assemblies are available.
Model Mini 1:   Drop-in
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Model Mini 2: 
Framed Flush     

Standard SIzes:
2-1/4 x 10,  2-1/4 x 12,  2-1/4 x 14,  4 x 8,  4 x 10,  4 x 12,  4 x 14,  6 x 10,  6 x 12,  6 x 14
Special order:   Any size not listed above. A larger drop in model can be manufactured for use as a wall or ceiling mounted cold air return.

Available Wood Species:   18 standard species available, as well as many others through special order.   
Call for Pricing.






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